In the current year the geodetic community holds the 80th anniversary of James E. Faller, a distinguished researcher and inventor in the field of gravity measurements.

James E. Faller, born on January, 17,1934 (Mishawaka, Indiana), is American scientist, professor, Doctor of Philosophy (1963), Master of Humanities (1957) of the Princeton University, Bachelor of Humanities (1955) of the Indian University, graduated with highest honors (Magna Cum Laude). He is a holder of a number of prestigious honors and awards. James Faller is a world leader in the study and measurement of gravity. He verified the Newton's law of universal gravitation, measured gravity acceleration using a laser interferometer, held Lunar laser ranging experiments using the Apollo mission reflectors, participating in the experiments to reveal gravity waves. Commercial absolute gravity meters of the Micro-g LaCoste company are based on the Faller technology. He made it possible to perform gravity measurements with the accuracy of a few microgals and changed the strategy of terrestrial gravity measurements owing to an appearance of more than hundred absolute ballistic gravity meters. James E. Faller represents the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the Working Group of Gravimetry of the Consultative Committee for Mass and Related Quantities.

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