July 25, 2013
Scientific-Technical Board of RSC Energia considered at its regular meeting current scientific data on Earth gravity field and Problems of its further study

S.P. Korolev Rocket-Space Corporation Energia hosted enlarged meeting of the Corporation Scientific-Technical Board (STB) where V.B. Dubovsky, the Head of Laboratory at RAS Institute for Earth Physics after O.Yu. Shmidt delivered the report entitled "State and Problems of Spacecraft-Aided Study of Earth Gravity Field".


The report covered the following: current scientific information about the processes occurring in bowels of the Earth which form Earth gravity field; background information about satellite technologies used to study this field; objectives of its further research to be attained with the use of spacecraft (SC); results of the efforts undertaken using space technology with the aim to develop knowledge about geogravity field, including upgrading of its mathematical models required for ballistic computations of spacecraft, space vehicles and stations parameters of their motion in near-earth space.

Also the supporting report of V.I. Kaftan the principal researcher of RAS Geophysical Center, on current geodetical measurements potential, as well as reports of S.S. Obydennikov (TsNII of Machinebuilding) and V.G. Pshenyanik (Research Institute for Space Systems after A.A. Maksimov) on building onboard instruments to be accommodated on SC for measuring microaccelerations; ground testing and operation of these instruments were heard.

The Meeting was presided over by STB chairman, first Deputy General Designer in charge of Science at RSC Energia, RAS academician V.P. Legostaev.

The audience took a great interest in the reports and presentations made. Then they were lively discussed with participation of RSC Energia scientists and specialists, including newcomers who just started their professional activity in the Corporation.


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