Yuri Mikhailovich Neiman, after graduating from the geodetic faculty of MIIGAiK in 1959, began his career as the head of the party of the North-Eastern Geological Administration. At the same time, he studied at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Far Eastern State University. Since 1964 he began his research and teaching activities at MIIGAiK. His positions at the university: post-graduate student, associate professor, professor (since 1980), since 1985 - head of the department of higher mathematics. In 1967 he defended his Ph.D. thesis, and in 1975 he defended his doctoral dissertation.

Yuri Mikhailovich Neiman is a prominent scientist in the field of physical geodesy and applied mathematics. His main scientific interests is associated with the study of the external gravitational field of the Earth. He substantiated the efficiency of solving problems of physical geodesy by collocation methods and indicated the connection between the mean-square collocation and the regularization of ill-posed problems in the theory of the Earth's figure. Yuri Mikhailovich initiated the development of spectral methods for solving geodetic problems using the Fourier and Hartley transformations, and also made a significant contribution to solving the mathematical problems of measuring the level of a person's preparedness in a certain field of knowledge. Professor Neumann Author and co-author of more than one hundred and fifty scientific publications devoted to the theory and practice of modeling the Earth's gravitational field and mathematical processing of heterogeneous terrestrial and satellite information. Scientific results were published in Russian and foreign publications, reported at scientific and technical, international and all-Russian conferences. Yu.M. Neumann is a co-author of monographs: "Computational methods in geodesy", "Fundamentals of multi-scale approximation of the geopotential." He published collections of scientific papers, mathematics manuals for university applicants. He translated from English (together with PP Medvedev and LS Sugaipova) and edited two monographs (G. Moritz "Modern Physical Geodesy", 1983, and B. Hoffmann-Wellengoff, G. Moritz "Physical Geodesy", 2007).

12 Ph.D. and 4 doctoral dissertations were defended under his supervision.

Yuri Mikhailovich is well known in international scientific community among colleagues from the field of mathematical and theoretical geodesy.

The Geodesy Section of the National Geophysical Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences sincerely congratulates Yuri Mikhailovich on this wonderful milestone in his life and wishes him many creative achievements for the benefit of geodetic science and technology.

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