At the age of 61, after a long chronic illness, our dear colleague, friend and mentor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Space and Physical Geodesy of the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SSUGiT) Boris Timofeevich Mazurov left us.

Most of Boris Timofeevich's life is associated with SSUGiT, with the exception of military service, during which he participated in the creation of infrastructure facilities at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Boris Timofeevich graduated from the University in 1982 with a degree in Astronomy and Geodesy and took up the duties of an intern-researcher at the Department of Higher Geodesy. He went through all the stages of teaching work - from the assistant of the Department of Computational Mathematics of the NIIGAiK, to the professor of the Department of Higher Geodesy and the Department of Space and Physical Geodesy of SSUGiT. Boris Timofeevich made a significant contribution to the development of geodetic science - more than 150 publications, including international ones. He prepared several textbooks and monographs on higher geodesy, modeling in geodynamics and geodetic methods for studying geodynamic processes. A new textbook on higher geodesy is expected to be published this year. For many years, Boris Timofeevich was a visiting professor at domestic and foreign universities. He was a member of two dissertation councils for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations, and was regularly involved as an official opponent of candidate and doctoral dissertations.

For his achievements in teaching and research, Boris Timofeevich was awarded the "Excellent Geodesy and Cartography" awards, the honorary badge "For Labor for the Good of the City", "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education", diplomas of the Leninsky District Administration, the City Hall of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk Region. Boris Timofeevich showed himself as a highly qualified teacher and as a prominent scientist in the field of fundamental geodesy, was an authoritative scientist of SSUGiT in the field of geodesy.

Boris Timofeevich Mazurov was an active member of the Geodesy Section of the National Geophysical Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is widely known in international scientific circles as a theoretical geodesist and practitioner in the field of physical geodesy and geodynamics.

The bright memory of Boris Timofeevich Mazurov will forever remain in the hearts of his students, friends and colleagues. We express our most sincere and deepest condolences to relatives and friends of Boris Timofeevich.

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