Victor Savinykh, Victor Bykov, Alexander Karpik, Bolot Moldobekov, Gennady Pobedinsky, Gleb Demianov, Vladimir Kaftan, Zinovy Malkin and Grigory Steblov

Organization of the North East Eurasia Reference Frame

V.I.Kaftan, R.I.Krasnoperov

Earth’s surface movements in relation to Parkfield 2004 earthquake: Interpretation of permanent GPS observations

Viktor Savinykh, Vladimir Kaftan

Geodesy section of the National Geophysical Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences as a component of geodetic infrastructure

Vladimir Kaftan, Alexander Ustinov

Diurnal and semidiurnal periodicities in results of local structural monitoring using global navigation satellite systems

John La-Breaque (NASA HQ), Suriya Tatevian (INASAN. RAS) RAS-NASA cooperation (ESJWG) on Space Geodesy  techniques application for the Natural Hazards monitoring and prevention

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